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Older people on the move

Kuva: Fotofuusio.

Kuva: Fotofuusio.

Increasing physical activity and promoting healthy ageing among older people

National “Older people on the move” program aims to encourage older persons for a more physically active lifestyle. The program is part of a national promotion programs for physical activity and physical exercise across other life stages (children, adults etc), funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The target group of the program includes physically inactive persons over the age of 65. The projects of municipalities and NGO`s implement good practices of reaching and engaging of the target group, and practices of physical activities (e.g. exercise counselling, strength and balance training, outdoor activities) with tailored support and training provided by “Older people on the move” program. As part of the program, Age Institute produces materials, organizes learning opportunities for professionals, and evaluates the impact of implemented activities.

Many local projects of municipalities and NGO`s have taken part in the program. These projects have developed and implemented physical activity practices by developing service structures, knowledge and skills, and the quality and quantity of physical activities.

The opportunities for the old people to be physically more active can be increased through cross-sectional cooperation in municipalities and through the coordination of the national program. A physically active lifestyle of older people promotes functional capacity and opportunities for successful ageing.

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Anna-Maria Mansikka