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Social participation

Participation of older people is about being heard and met

Promotion of social participation of older persons is important as it improves the feeling of being included. Social networks both enhance the quality of life and reduce the risk of being marginalized. People feel themselves included, when they can influence their way of life, daily common things and participate in community activities. When an older person feels included, it emphasizes the ability to live an active life in a familiar and safe environment.

Together in the Neighbourhood Project

Together in the Neighbourhood Project brings action to the housing company and adds to the social activities of residents. Together we can for example chat, have coffee, exercise, play and go outside. Activities together is especially meant for the older persons, but every resident is warmly welcome. The activities mainly happen in the housing company or the surrounding area.


Together in the Neighbourhood Project (2017-) aims to increase togetherness and common activities in housing companies and combat feelings of loneliness. The project will co-design a model of mobile housing company that is distributed nationwide.

Methods and activities

The project is aimed especially to older persons who spend most of their time at home, who have mobility problems or experience loneliness. A housing company may include several apartment houses and typically the apartments are rental apartments. Activities are organised in some ten cities (eg. Helsinki, Kotka, Lieksa, Vantaa, Riihimäki).

The activities are organized and selected based on the wishes of the older persons themselves. Common activities include, for example, outdoor exercise, fitness exercise, games and discussions.

Activities are organised in local clubs by volunteer group leaders so called TaloTsemppari. They receive free training, materials and support to organize activities in their own housing company.

Feedback is collected by Age Institute for evaluation and development with a questionnaire, interviews and workshops. Age Institute coordinates the Project, provides training and materials to the local clubs, as well as evaluates and develops the project.


Regular activities are being organized in all participating cities and their housing locations. Activies are being organized by trained volunteers. It is planned that each housing company would have a two person team as volunteers, that will easen the burden of voluntary work.

The project promotes cooperation between older persons, housing companies, public sector and local NGOs.

The participating older persons have welcomed the activities with great enthusiasm, where majority of people report having participated nearly in all club meetings.

In future, new cities are being selected to the project.