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The Age School – website for seniors on mental well-being

Mental well-being has an important role in good ageing. There is a need for practical knowledge on mental well-being as well as easy applicable tools to enhance it in daily life – especially in facing challenging life-situations. Co-created together with older adults, the Age School answers to this need.

The Age School contains information on mental well-being in a nutshell and it offers various practices to enhance it. The website contains five themes: the basics on mental well-being, character strengths, resilience, self-compassion and life-skills. Mental well-being is described by using positive psychology and PERMA-theory. Every theme contains different kinds of tasks; listening, writing, considering and trying. You can also make a poem of your own character strengths, send a post card to your friend by e-mail or give your own tips how to enhance mental well-being. And there is a blog where you can read stories about ageing and mental well-being.

The website encourages the user to identify one’s own character strengths and invites to use them in daily life. The Age School is based on seeing the aged as capable of empowering themselves and having a rich life-experience. Resilience is central in good ageing. It´s also important to know your own resources and recognize your attitudes in facing challenges. Self-compassion is a theme which is especially relevant in coping with difficulties. The key of good ageing is to recognize and respect one’s own life-skills.