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Posters and links

Here you can find some of our posters presented at recent international scientific congresses.

European Conference on Positive Psychology (ECPP) 2018: Supporting Mental Wellbeing in Old Age

24NKG Congress 2018, Oslo:

Together in the Neighbourhood Project: Joy and Sense of Community to the Lives of Elderly Residents

Improving Older Peoples Mental Well-being – Information, Skills and Methods

The Importance of Co-creation in Promoting Mental Well-being

Key Project – Strength in Old Age Implementation

Piloting Remote Coaching and Digital Material in Health Exercise for Older People

23NKG Congress 2016, Tampere:

Promoting Mental Well-Being in Old Age

Older People’s Neighborhood Groups in the Strength in Old Age Programme

Strength in Old Age ABC – Effective Model for Health Exercise

More Skilled People in Elder Exercise Through Instructor Training

Perceived Effects of a Health Exercise Programme Related to Socio-Economic Inequality

Good and active aging by intersectoral collaboration

Other posters:

Structured Group Discussions Help Finding Meaning in Life

Exercise Councils – A New Channel for Older Adults

Strength in Old Age Programme

The National Policy Programme for Older People’s Physical Activity

Meaning in Old Age Project

Supporting Mental Well-Being in Old Age by Structured Discussion Groups

Arts-Based Methods in Empowering Aged Family Caregivers

Links to videos and electronic publications:

YouTube videos in English or with English subtitles

Implementing evidence-based practices (

The vulnerability of family caregivers in relation to vulnerability as understood by nurses (SJCS abstract)