The age institute – Expertise on Good Ageing

The Age Institute takes part in current social discussion – there is a growing need for multidisciplinary research knowledge on ageing

  • the significance of evaluating and maintaining functional capacity in older adults is increasing
  • general attitudes towards ageing demand critical review
  • the voices of older adults, their participation and empowerment are key factors in an ageing society
  • we need more information on the challenges of ageing, for example, loneliness, depression, and decreasing mobility

In this context, the Age Institute

  • studies the everyday lives of older adults
  • develops services for older people
  • produces new innovations for older adults and their families
  • disseminates information about the results of new studies
  • offers training to professionals
  • participates in current discussion on age related issues, values and attitudes

The sectors of expertise at the Age Institute include

  1. Physical exercise, functional capacity, and health
  2. Encounter, inclusion, and mental well-being


The Age Institute

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